Precision Endless Belting is made truly endless without splice or seam. Each step of the process requires unique equipment that ensures your belt will run with smooth, vibration free performance. Even at very high speeds.

These Woven Endless Belts can be run in either direction. And because of their high flexibility, they can negotiate pulley diameters as small as 3/16".

These belts are most often supplied with a black neoprene impregnation, a smooth pulley side surface, and a textured outside surface. However, you can specify several options: EPDM elastomer for temperatures to 325, Brown non-marking neoprene, or Black polyurethane. You can also elect to make the surface smooth both sides or textured both sides. The standard black neoprene is static conductive very unusual for a belt.

Power Transmission Belt, Machine Belt, Conveyor Belt.
Typical vibration-free PT applications include high speed balancing, high speed grinding, woodworking, tape drives, serpentine drives, and light tube-winding. Typical machine belt applications are in mail handling, currency handling, fiber optics, packaging, and printing. Conveying applications include PC board transport and checkweighing.

Panther 400 Maximum torque, General duty
Panther Heavy Maximum torque, Flanged pulley
Panther Light Light torque, Sensitive drives, Extreme speeds
Panther Very Light Light Super sensitive drives, Extreme speeds
Apache 200 Non-marking, Document handling