About Us

The benefit of choosing us as your belt supplier is quick and accurate selection of the best belt for the job. And then having it reliably delivered from an extensive inventory.

SERVICE: We help you every step of the way. Our web site was designed to help you select a belt with properties that are important to you. You do it at your convenience, and to whatever level of detail you want to take it to. When you are ready to talk to us in person, you’ll notice that we cater to individual requirements. Why? Because many of our customers have them. And when you want to follow up on a shipment or correspondence, we’ll have your information readily at hand.

RELIABILITY: Our team of belt experts have been designing and producing belting for 24 years on average. We know belting products. And our manufacturing partners know and respect us. You can reliably choose – from a broad base of manufacturers – the best belt for your application. You can talk to us about your requirement at any time. And you can also reliably depend on our belt selection tool – that never takes a day off.

When your belt is made, it will be made by experienced hands in a well appointed shop. You can reliably count on a competitive price without the inexperience and distractions that are often associated with distributors offering multiple types of maintenance product.

QUALITY: Many of our manufacturing partners maintain certification and registration to ISO 9000 standards. When we work with their product, we maintain that quality. Our modification equipment is state of the art, all modification procedures are documented, and the history of your belt order through our shop is also documented.

VALUE: You will not find more consistent value anywhere. One of the most compelling reasons why is because you have the capability of choosing the best belt for your application. The choice is not salesman-specific. New England Belting Company continues to grow every year because we are price competitive, knowledgeable and driven. We’ve worked hard to bring this extra level of web-based value to you because we know it will turn a new corner in the manufacturer-customer value relationship.