Synchronous Belting

Traditional Neoprene Timing Belts
New England Belting Company is a Slitting Distributor of neoprene timing belting. All standard American and Metric pitches are available.

Traditional Polyurethane Timing Belts
New England Belting also slits polyurethane timing belting. They are available in Metric and light American pitches.

Our truly endless Flex Belts are manufactured in thermoplastic polyurethane with continuous spiral steel cords. They combine excellent flexibility, high speed and high horsepower transmission with a molded edge for edge wear resistance. Flex Belts are available in lengths from 1,500 mm to 19,800 mm in length.

High Performance Rubber Elastomer
Goodyear offers high load capacity belts made with advanced Hibrex® Elastomer. Experience twice the tooth shear of other high performance belts, along with high resistance to oils, coolants, ozone and heat.

BlackHawk Pd™ is made to upgrade your drive from RPP Panther and QT Power Chain belts.

Eagle Pd™ self-tracking belt has a patented Helical Offset Tooth design for continuous rolling tooth engagement. This allows the belt to run quieter and with less vibration than any other synchronous belt available today. It allows for a reduction in belt width and elimination of flanges yielding a more compact, lighter drive design.

High Performance Polyurethane
Eagle Pd Acculinear™ combines the advantages of open-end long-length polyurethane with the unique Helical Offset Tooth geometry for a low maintenance belt that resists wear. Designed for high precision linear positioning, with excellent dimensional stability and a high level of reliability.

Long Length Open End Belting
Linear open-end timing belting is an excellent choice for linear positioning and indexing. For conveying applications, especially where a molded endless size is not available, open-end polyurethane belting can be welded (spliced) endless to any length longer than 900 or 1000mm. We can further modify your belt with grooves, precision notches, and nylon fabric facings.

Profiled Urethane Belting
Polyurethane timing belts can be customized with welded-on profiles that are used as carriers, pushers, and actuators. These profiled belts are ideal for assembly, packaging, inserting and other automation equipment applications. You can obtain precise indexing and accurate placement of your product.

Traditional Neoprene
Traditional Polyurethance
High Performance Rubber

High Performance Polyurethane
Long Length and Welded Endless Belting
Profiled Urethane Belting