Goodyear Blackhawk Pd™ Timing Belts

Blackhawk Pd™

Drives requiring exact timing. Industries include food processing, paper and textile mills, pharmaceutical and printing plants, and business machines. Belts are compatible with industry standard sprockets. BlackHawk Pd can also be used as an alternative to problem v-belt and chain drives.

Universal Tooth Profile:
BlackHawk Pd is precisely designed and manufactured to fit many high capacity synchronous applications. With its universal profile, it can perform in the following sprocket profiles: Dayco RPP Panther, Browning RPP Panther and TB Wood's QT Power Chain.

Longer Life:
Designed to outperform traditional drive systems, BlackHawk Pd features quality materials and construction to reduce unnecessary downtime. The Hibrex rubber compound is reinforced with Flexten tensile members for high impact strength. BlackHawk pd fits RPP Panther high torque synchronous applications with pulley replacement.

High Capacity Performance:

BlackHawk Pd belts are designed for high capacity performance, exceeding the traditional speed limitations of chain and performance limitations of belt drives. BlackHawk Pd belts are able to perform in drives ranging from fractional horsepower to 400 horsepower. The new material technology delivers a higher horsepower rating and notably longer life.

Hibrex® Rubber Compound:
This cross-linked elastomer is formulated to resist tooth deformity and increase tooth rigidity, increasing belt life and decreasing replacement costs. Compared to other belts in its class, Hibrex is up to seven points harder with twice the tooth shear. Its chemical stability resists the effects of oils, coolants, heat and ozone.

Tooth Profile:
The demands of synchronous drives put additional strain on the belt and speed applications. The BlackHawk Pd tooth profile resists ratcheting and provides accurate positioning for synchronous drive applications. Upgraded Hibrex materials and tooth profile enable the teeth to engage the sprocket smoothly.

Flexten Tensile Members:
These tensile members provide excellent dimensional stability and high impact strength. Operating at a consistent tension, BlackHawk pd requires little retensioning and less drive maintenance.

Plioguard® Tooth Facing:
Designed for higher loads and abrasion resistance, Plioguard facing provides a reduced coefficient of friction so that the belt meshes easier with pulleys. The nylon facing is enhanced with Hibrex which can provide 6-7% better abrasion resistance.


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